really for real this time

Starting color correction tomorrow. Within two weeks, TA91 should be finished, finally, no dicking around. Made a lot of last minute adjustments. It's changed so much since the last time we showed it publicly to anyone. I think it rocks now. I have no idea how people will react to it. In some ways it accomplishes much more than any low-budget feature that I know of. In some ways it does none of the things that you expect a regular movie to do. One thing it indisputably does have, though: The guy who plays Lloyd from "Entourage."

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kristen said...

Brilliant. But (Rex, forgive me) if you really want to amp up the hits to this post, take "the guy who plays Lloyd on Entourage" and make it into a hyperlink that links back to your permalink. That's the name of the Search Engine Optimization game.

(And heretofore my contribution to your film.)