I realize that i'm sort of a "hater" but i try mainly to hate on the powers that be. My friend suggested that i could be a "hate consultant," or, as Tom Hanks phrased it in the movie "Punchline," a "hate stylist." I could advise people that instead of wasting their hate on the immigrant grocer or the undertrained barista or bad cell phone service, they could usefully direct that hate towards the corporation or government institution or rich bastard that is probably responsible for it all. 'Cause hate for me is very close to love, so it's not something to leave completely out of your life.

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bri said...

That's funny that you said "hater" because that's a word that I only ever see at my friend Dan's blog and I had just the other evening been thinking that you should read his list of 2005 movies and see if you can start a fight. I like starting fights. You can find him from my blog - he's listmaker.

PS. It was wonderful to see you.