Well missing Xmas was more of a bummer than I thought it'd be....I didn't feel like I got to do anything but work at the casino and work on the script, which was as intended, but then the script just started to throttle me screaming "Fix Me! Make Me Wonderfully Moving and Funny!" and it was like, leave me alone, I just want to have some mulled eggnog or spiked cider or something and then there was nothing mulled nor spiked to be had and I'm all, like, boo.
....But it's okay cos now I'm listening to a Margaret Cho mp3 ranting about her mother and sexuality and such, while catching up with some of the other life stuff like bills and late xmas cards, and enjoying a minute, let's give it an hour, of not thinking about the movie. Movie? What movie? Peace on earth.
....I kept having dreams of people giving me money and waking up. Sucks! But as Jen points out, these even out with the dreams where you find out you have AIDS or someone dies horribly, and then you wake up and it hasn't happened. Either way, much better than dreaming about something indifferent like paying bills or blogging. What's worse than being bored by your own dream?

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