Had our second rehearsal with the two leads today, mainly just talking background about the characters so they could have some foundation to build on. Besides being good actors they are two of my favorite personalities, and easy to communicate with. It's nice to get into the characters' backgrounds because then you can consider the sociological stuff as opposed to the diagrammatic planning of beats, actions and reactions which is of course equally important (and harder). But knowing where the people are coming from will hopefully give the story a lot more life. The trick I think will be to not let the moments gather too much psychological weight when it is basically a comedy. I'm used to working with people who are instinctively funny and are uncomfortable with dramatic bits 'cause they can't tell if the audience is enjoying it. Now it's a bit reversed, not saying that the cast isn't naturally funny, but they may not be used to the ERP-style humor, which was kind of based on the constant threat that if you didn't say your line fast enough, someone would hit you in the face with a pie or start taking a guitar solo or something.

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