I'd just like to have it in writing so there is no confusion: I HATE TALKING ON CELL PHONES. It's expensive, uniquely impersonal, detrimental to the social fabric, and probably a health hazard. It has none of the excitement and sexiness of talking on land lines (probably the lack of ritual, and possible interruption by someone else picking up the line, has something to do with it). If it weren't for its insane usefulness for certain practical functions (yknow, calling to say you'll be late for work, finding each other in a crowd, that sorta thing) I'd throw mine the heck away.
....In other news, the crazy Korean player Janet today wore a hat that read "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Authentic Since 1975." I just thought that was funny.
...I also made a teaser promo image for our movie. I made it out of a postcard ad from Abercrombie & Fitch, which they send me on a monthly basis. Apparently they confused my email complaining about their racist t-shirts with a request to be on their mailing list. Smiley face. So I saved all their stupid ads in case I could use them later in a parody. Hopefully this falls under protected speech.

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