near miss

This is a part-overheard, part-pieced-together dialogue between the 20something girl and boy that were sitting in the booth next to my booth at the In 'n Out, where I was eating on my own:

BOY: So you're a player huh?
GIRL: Yeah. I got lots of game.
BOY: Play-a.
GIRL: Do you ever wanna get married?
BOY: (mumbles some inaudible-to-me response)
GIRL: I bet I can get that guy to talk to me.

She maybe indicates me as I am acting like my fries are really interesting. We are in each other's eyelines.

BOY: Wha?
GIRL: When I just went up to get a soda this other guy started talking to me. Look:

She gets up and walks to the soda station, walks around the ketchup 'n napkins station, walks past my booth, sits down again. She's wearing a very cleavagey tank top, jean shorts, and is really pretty. I definitely have been half-looking at her through my entire burger.

GIRL: Didn't work. That guy's smart.
BOY: Wha?
GIRL: Maybe you're my husband. (inaudible) Maybe he'll be my sugar daddy.

Their shaved-head white dude friend arrives.

GIRL: Hey, we're trying to hook up with that guy over there. What should we do?
DUDE: (something inaudible)

And then they all leave.

It would be aces to have Daredevil-level superhuman hearing at these times, because I don't know how much of that I just made up. I'm sure they said 80% of those words. But I don't know if she was also half-looking at me, or talking about some other guy, or what.

And what do you say in that precious, dangerous situation anyway?

I like to think she really said I was smart for not making a move on a stranger at the In 'n Out. I am just smart enough, in that modern way, to keep completely to myself.

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