PRA 5.1.05

To the right I updated the link list with the info for our preview screening of "Untitled Asian Invasion Movie" at VC Filmfest 2005. It's May 1, 9 PM, the DGA on Sunset.

It's "Untitled" cos I may want to back off on the title, although I like it, if I hear any more people struggling to remember what the movie is called. "Test Audience?.....Test....Something...."

It's a preview because the color correction, visual effects, audio and all that are not yet finished. So it will look and sound a little rough in parts but it is a whole movie.

It is also one of about seven different movies in the festival this year involving a love story between two Asian women. But ours is the only one between a human and an alien.

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Anonymous said...

wait - i was in a love-relationship with an alien? OOOOHHHH - OK. i get it now. (lol)