Feelgood Montage City

The only thing that kept me going through a strenuous day at work was looking forward to making the closing credit sequence for the movie. We're going to have one of those Top Gun/Trainspotting-esque closing montages introducing all the lead actors and the characters they played (which I believe will be doubly useful because many people among our test audiences have had trouble remembering what the various characters' names are) set to one of our composer's lovely cues. Following that, during the credits roll, we'll throw in all the outtakes from alternate scenes that were funny but contextually didn't fit into the final cut. A little gooshy and indulgent to be sure, but if you can't have this kind of stuff to make you feel good about your movie as it's ending, then why even make one, I ask you.
..."Baby baby....I'll get down on my knees for you..."

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Kristen said...

I personally dig the Emotional Recap. I used to get choked up every time the Righteous Brothers would swell and they'd show the picture of poor dead Goose. Give us some poor dead Goose!