Storyboards are looking good. It's tempting to try to tell the whole story in action figures. It's especially poignant with our little KuBrick Rei (from Neon Genesis Evangelion--sorry, I'll learn how to link these later) standing in for Winona. I can't believe they're going to try to make a live-action Evangelion...I hope at least it deviates from the original a lot, so it won't be a "faithful" re-enactment. But, digressing.
...Very excited about the cast, anxious to see if the chemistry will work. I have these nervous visions of people crying and screaming on set...or better yet, finding solidarity through common oppression by a tyrannical director, as happened on Karaoke Nights. But actually, none of that's going to happen. The worst thing that I think will happen is we'll have some great scene going and due to forgetting to press some key button on the camera we'll have to shoot the thing over again.