Woo, as they say, to the hizoo. We got out first unsolicited, completely goodness-of-the-heart donation from someone I've never met, which will enable the rental of some extra light or the employ of some extra qualified crew person for a day, and will make the movie that much better. Thank you! I'm trying to think of goodies with which I can reward these special true believers...a ticket to the premiere is definite. Hopefully also a T-shirt and a bag of gummi bears. Don't worry, in the catastrophic likelihood that this film doesn't happen or there is a surplus, any excess collected monies will be given to Amnesty International or some similar worthwhile cause. Heck, maybe my whole LIFE will be redirected towards Amnesty International. But that's the Droopy talking. The project is reaching, for lack of a less apocalyptic metaphor, critical mass.
....I've gained an absurd attitude towards money from my job and from living in LA. I see people fingering stacks of $1000 chips at work and think, "Hey look, everyone here has a car or a camera package in in their hands. They're throwing it away gambling, why shouldn't they cast it towards my cute little movie?" Or, "I got a $40,000 budget to do a motivational infomercial for a pharmaceutical marketing team. I guess I can finally pay off the balance of my plasma-screen commode-mounted entertainment unit." Well not really, but you know what I mean. It's a totally subjective inanity. The amounts of money thrown around discussing movie budgets sound absurd when you consider that a sunset is like, free. But a $40,000 movie that doesn't suck sounds pretty good when you consider that there are movies made for 500 times that whose express purpose are to make you puke and buy cell phones.

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