Note to self: need a shot of the aliens appearing in the crowd at LAX. Should be a fun thing to try and steal. If not at the baggage carousel, perhaps in the parking structure.
....I'm trying to figure out what is the best Hollywood equation way of summing up TA91. Yknow how every movie in development has to be something meets something. I've been telling people that it's The Breakfast Club meets Signs. But "Signs" is a generic word which kinda ends the equation weakly, so occasionally I saw it's The Breakfast Club meets Close Encounters. But then I get sick of saying The Breakfast Club all the time so I say it's Men in Black + Afterlife. But who's really into Afterlife except the Japanese and the indie culture-vulture sect so I go with Harold & Maude times Third Rock from the Sun via They Live. It's really quite a bit like They Live except not really, and what is gained from a comparison to They Live except someone's inevitable imitation of Rowdy Roddy Piper's famous line....s? What I really want to say is that it's Neon Genesis Evangelion plus Rushmore, except it has nothing to with Rushmore, and is not animated, and it probably will remind you of the Breakfast Club, especially in that part that is exactly like what happens in the Breakfast Club.
...How any movie with a pedigree of references this ridiculous could possibly fail to make a 100 million trillion dollars is totally beyond me. Especially if you consider that it will be huge in Korea.

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