10 thoughts I imagine the average asian girl literally must think through before she maybe consents to go out with me.

10. "Maybe he won't turn out to be just like my brother."
9. "I guess this white guy fetish is going to get me into trouble eventually..."
8. "It is possible, however unlikely, that he has gotten over his 'nobody loves me 'cause I'm an asian dude' problem."
7. "Physically, I could probably take him in a fight."
6. "Did he just say something to me or is there a hidden gnome in the wall that speaks in Mumble?"
5. "I guess having beautiful biracial children was sort of a hollow dream after all."
4. "At least he will not try to impress me with his knowledge of sushi."
3. "Think, what's the worst thing that could possibly happen....OK, but that happened to that one girl and she can still walk thanks to modern medicine....OK, survivable, I guess."
2. "Maybe he'll turn out to be just like my brother and I can have someone to talk to about my issues with other men's body odor and personal grooming habits."

And the Number One thing that I imagine the Average Asian Girl literally must resolve in her head before deciding whether or not to possibly get involved with Me.....is.....

1. "Everything would be all right if he were maybe just two inches taller."


Jeanne Chinn said...

Excellent,funny, creative writing (as always) Dom. And now I know WHO stole my diary!! J/K. You crossed my mind and I thought I'd stop by to give you some props.

dm said...

Hi JC. Diary, indeed. But you know what I mean, right?

r a m e n i a c said...

LOL dude, there are places one can go to get their legs extended.