Avengers Texting 2.0. (also X-Men, Watchmen, Batpeople, etc.)

Dazzler texts at ComicCon 2015.

Due to no popular demand whatsoever, here is a Best-Of from my Instagram series about cosplayers texting (with CONSENT!), tindering, and otherwise messing with their phones. From WonderCon and ComicCon 2014-2015. #AvengersTexting #XMenTexting #AvXTexting
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Thor and Captain America.

X-23 and Wolverine.
Steampunk Little Mermaid / MercenAriel
Red Skull.

Captain America and Falcon.

Mystique, mid-transformation, Tindering.

Jocasta (or maybe just Lady Ultron) and Ultron.

Psylocke and Phoenix, two telepaths.



Psylocke, on the eve of the FIFA Women's World Cup Final. 

Some X-Men: Rogue, possibly Armor?, Domino, and Cyclops

Moon Knight.

She-Hulk, in court attire.


Rorschach of the Watchmen, on July 4th.

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