Viewers' Guide to "Zoe & Elle Take the Piss Out of American Ghost Hunters"

Here are a few things that may help you enjoy this video if you are not a native UK English speaker or paranormal-show nerd:

1)  TOWIE = "The Only Way Is Essex" = some sort of British reality show.
2)  "Ghost Adventures" is a popular American ghost-hunting show featuring male paragon Zak Bagans. It is fun to drink to.
3)  "Paranormal Status" is a web show featuring British female ghosthunting heroes portrayed by Chloe Zak and Becky Zak Bagans. Er, that is, Becky Zak.
4)  Sporty probably would be considered the most chavvy of the Spice Girls, and Posh would certainly disapprove.
5)  That thing he says at the end is, seriously, "DON'T TAUNT VOODOO."

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