Not spending any $ today...

Not only to protest the war and the inauguration of the the rich snob idiot murderer, but also because it makes good financial sense for me. I should put a Not One Damn Dime Day on my schedule at least twice a week. I am going to work tomorrow, though, and am not sure whether the performance of my job will violate the principle of NODDD. We do have to spend money on tips and collection, although technically it's not my money, and furthermore it's not even really money, but casino chips. Somehow I think that my little part in the daily stimulation of the casino economy is not in the same part of the Venn diagram as the greater military-industrial economy that we are protesting today. The money that flows through the casino can't really be considered "spent," anyway, it's more in the category of "wasted" or "given away." True, all that money tends to flow upwards towards fat cats, much like the money spent on gas and candy bars; but in this case the fat cats are an elite and super-insular group of casino owners, who very well may be bastards, but they're Larry Flynt-type bastards and not Kenneth Lay-type bastards. (I can feel the foundation of my argument slipping away even as I try to finish this sentence....)

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