I've Been a Youtuber For 10 Years and Still Am Not Too Popular, But It's Okay

Youtube informs me that today is the 10th anniversary of posting my first video and creating a Youtube channel, which is now dedicated to being KaraokeRhapsody.com. I'm still not very popular, but the channel has started making tiny bits of passive income so there's no great reason to stop now. Plus I love this shit. Here are my 10 favorite videos/contents I've done so far on the channel, in no special order (most of them have to do with karaoke.)

1. Radiohead's "Climbing Up The Walls" with Spider-Gwen
#CosplayKaraoke! @CosplayKaraoke! And also Cosplay Karaoke! Spider-Jessika slinks around and Alissa purrs through Radiohead, and also shows the occasional value of a camera-falling-off-table-to-the-ground shot. #LetsJustGoToNicks

2. Karaoke The Vote/Piece Of My Heart
Not that I did much actual filmmaking on this one, just cos Britt's performance is riveting in one take, and sometimes that's okay too. 

3. PARANORMAL STATUS Episode 3.5: Purr-anormal Status
I guess I don't shoot cats very well, 'cos isn't this the kind of video that's supposed to be popular on the internet? But anyways, I like how the Japanese dialogue came out. 

4. Jessica Jones sings Jewel
More #CosplayKaraoke. I love the JESSICA JONES Netflix show and when Victoria suggested that JJ might sing a Jewel song, it felt then like everyone was going to win. 

5. Spiderwebs: Spider-Gwen Meets Gwen Stacy-Stefani
Spiderman is the best fictional person ever, and the interweaving puns of Spiders and Gwens and Kay's simply perfect Gwen Stacy look means I can die now because this exists. 

6. Michelle Branch Tribute/All You Wanted
Prompted by a blog at YOMYOMF.com, we pay tribute to one of the most 90's (and hence the most karaokeable) artists of all, Chelsea's performance as Angst-Ridden Music Video Person is priceless, and Jai and Victoria sound really nice together I think. 

7. "See You Next Year" from Emerald Rain Productions Concert
Just cos this is a fun Pixies-esque song written by Gaby and I for one of the ERP rock musicals, it is of course kinda old-school now, I think it was shot on a very out-of-date Sony camcorder, possibly a Digital-8. Iain's Molly Ringwald dance in the middle is kinda spot-on.

This was supposed to be my big indie feature but a few things went wonky so it emerged as a long short film. Part 2 is viewable on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/47369852  Jae's bit at about 11:40 remains one of my favorite pieces of monologue writing and still sums up a lot of how I feel about this election year. 

9. KARAOKE RHAPSODY Episode 2: "Doorbells"
The second episode of the "episodic" version of Karaoke Rhapsody, in which Jannika sings in Swedish, Erik explains feelings of rejection vis a vis pop song chord progressions, and also does his trademark staring-into-eyeballs-bit, and it all ends with a singalong. Episode 3 will be completed one of these days, possibly to coincide with the release of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

10. Black Queen Selene Dion sings My Heart Will Go On
Victoria sings this song great, her cosplay is fabulous as the Hellfire Club's Black Queen Selene (as an immortal psychic vampire Selene would've been around when the Titanic went down) and you can dimly see Darth Vader and Deadpool doing the "I'm the King of the World" pose in the background, which, on top of all the feels, served as validating proof of concept for Cosplay Karaoke. And there's an awful story behind the making of this vid where it almost didn't exist, but Roger Niner and Victoria saved the day in the end.

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