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Paranormal Status episode 2 is live now! I really like this one.

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The Justice League Movie, if it were exactly like The Avengers Movie.

In honor of ComicCon 2012, here is an abridged screenplay for the Justice League movie, modeled entirely after The Avengers movie, because that seemed to work very well.

a superhero team screenplay 
by dommah

Near Martian rocks, some MARTIANS plot. 

We're going to attack Earth.


Ah, the H'ell of it. Give them something to do.


Come join the team.

I'm sulky and father....

Bitch, can you just get in the jet? I've got like six of these today.

Paranormal Status Episode 1: The DAU of POO

I really have other things to blog about, but this is what I've been working on lately. 

If you can spot the Dark Knight reference and name the situation and the characters involved, you win a t-shirt. Not promising what kind of t-shirt.

Off to Comic-Con now. 

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Paranormal Status Vs. The Trailer Sound

I think the Trailer Sound started with the trailers for the Transformers post-films, another innovation given us by that noble post-narrative franchise. Since then, hell of summer movies have used the electronic-drone-queefing sound to punctuate their trailers full of otherwise-unexciting shots of buildings, people looking scared, etc. For reference:

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Episode 1 will come out on or around July 9. It should be pretty good.