that Red Stripe commercial is hilarious

"You are VERY ugly." "Now you are beautiful!" "Hooray Beer!"

....That's what I'm talking about.


....a former supervisor at the casino, now fugitive from justice, was on America's Most Wanted last Saturday night. He's suspected of killing his wife. And, for my part, I considered him one of the nice floormen.

....I saw a super-cute Japanese movie yesterday, "Linda Linda Linda," about a band of high school girls who recruit a Korean exchange student to sing the title song at the school festival, despite the fact that she doesn't speak Japanese very much good. The song they sing at the end, is, of course, awesome, and is, of course, stuck in my head, so now I have to find it, although it is not available through the usual channels, which means, already, hours wasted looking vainly through various Korean and Japanese sites looking for a downloadable mp3, and will probably end with some sort of fumbling transaction involving an overpriced import CD. It's so much work being a nerd!

....OK, we're all familiar with the awkward thing at parties where people make excuses to leave a conversation, or ignore you so they don't have to even start small talk with you. In LA there's a funny variation, where people START conversations with you With The Intention Of Walking Away Quickly. They come straight at you,...with about half of their full attention, eyes darting elsewhere, say some bullshit and then walk away like they've got something more important to do. It's like, if you were in such a hurry to get away from me why walk up to me in the first place? I'm sure someone smarter than me has given a name to this behavior, it's fairly widespread.

...I completed a final "revision" on TA91 today, and feel it has at last reached a solid state of coherent weirdness that will propel it into cult film history. If the frigging sound could get done, we'd be just about ready to ship this puppy out.

...Happy Mother's Day, not in general, but specifically to My Mom, because I know she reads this hooha.

everything would be just fine if....

1) I never dreamed about work. Dreaming about work makes me feel that I am old and my imagination has decayed. Also, letting thoughts of those horrible people into my private time feels somehow like a major violation.
2) I was somehow selected to write and direct the Green Lantern movie.
3) I learned to look on the bright side; there's really a lot to recommend my current life, including a regular job, a place to live, some artistic accomplishments, ridiculously good health. If I merely focused on all the things that were Not Wrong all the time, I would be a pretty self-satisfied smiling bastard.
4) Someone would hurry up and fall in love with me.
5) I was not envious, or jealous (I get those confused). Although I realize that the grass is always greener, I still get twinges of anxiety over other people's accomplishments, possessions, charms. I'm the most envious person I know. I envy people for having crap I don't even want, and girlfriends I would never be able to stand.
6) I had an invisible force field that could protect me from harm.
7) I had another, internal, invisible force field that protected me from the side effects of drug & alcohol consumption.
8) I had a decent shotgun mic to go with my DVX100.
9) They brought back "Misfits of Science."
10) All you needed, really, in fact, and without any need for second-party validation, was love.

i may be taking this milf thing a bit too far...

...but after watching her on "The Daily Show," I've decided that Madeline Albright is kind of a babe.

a note on hygiene

My laptop computer must be the filthiest thing in my whole room. It is the one thing that never gets washed, dusted or vacuumed. It has been all around the city with me and sat on all kinds of crusty surfaces. I type on it in a feverish, compulsive way, whenver the urge strikes me, regardless of what kind of junk might be on my hands. The accumulated oils and pressure from my fingertips have managed to completely erode away the A, the S, the I, the O and the N from the keyboard, and the D, C and L are all fading fast. Plus I just sneezed right onto the the monitor, and didn't think to wipe it off. I should be embarrassed by this, but somehow the thought of it, a heavy-usage microbial layer covering this ostensibly immaculate piece of technology, makes me a little happy.