A wee racial rant

We're at a tricky time for the human races. For one thing, we have a black president. On the other hand, people have become kind of racistly post-racist 'cause they are backlashing against how silly Political Correctness was, and the "minorities" themselves confused activism for being overly-sensitive. In fact in the age of Ipods and I-everything we've all become a little too sensitive; we've also become susceptible as never before to the powers of ad propaganda telling us what we like, what is cool, who is the hero. If market research tells us that a white-euro-male hero is necessary to make money from a movie or TV show, and money is the prime concern for the powerful bean-counters of all nationalities in this global recession, then that effectively ends the argument against having anything else (unless you are into poverty, or independently wealthy, or something like that) and the only question remaining is what ethnicity his hot girlfriend is gonna be to maximize audiences in Asia and the "urban market."

Anyway, in all that grey mess, after years of progress and regress, there is one thing for sure: there still ain't too many English-language movies with more than two Asians in speaking parts (unless it is INSERT EXAMPLE OF FILM THAT IS HEAVY ON MARTIAL ARTS, DOCTORS, NERDS, OR FETISHIZED GIRLS), and even precious fewer that have a bunch of Asians mixed up with (gasp!) peoples of other colors.

So, if you care about any of that, here's my indie film to support. This is the flipcam test trailer. Cheers mates.