OK, that's it....

I'm starting another movie.
....Someone told me that Wong Kar Wai made Chungking Express and Fallen Angels by shooting a lot of random shit and then piecing together the stories with voiceover, shooting more scenes to fill in the gaps as needed.
....I'm sure many awful movies have been made following the same method.
....However, don't let that stop you from Paypalling me a modest donation to go to the audio equipment fund, or alternatively offering up a wireless lav microphone set, which is what I really need.
...The idea is to shape the story through a series of dogme-style, low-tech weekend shoots in natural light settings, and do the more complicated, exactingly scripted stuff later when we know exactly what we should be spending money and resources on.
...There is a story starting point, though. It's not going to be Koyannisquatsi, or however you spell that.

and now, a wee poem.

Nobody knows
it's nothing
a secret
like Saigon
and surgery
and the taste of rootbeer;
things no one can talk about
because they involve
more than just seeing
and a certain ingredient of

And that makes it all
so gorgeous
and specific to
the smile-and-don't-
say-anything situation;
that feeling that
comes from whispering,
secreting secrets
to nobody else
that nobody knows.

I like me some Primer.

Got the Primer DVD the other day and have been watching it more or less constantly since. What a great flick.
It's really great to hear a commentary track where the filmmaker talks about things like not having enough money for lights and props and stuff and having to work around it. I hate it when commentary tracks seem to be people showing off how much money they wasted by saying stuff like "well we had a gigantic dolly shot with four banks of pyrotechnics firing against a greenscreen but after we looked at the dailies I decided it Just Didn't Look Right. So we did it this way instead..."
...Yes. Thank you. It's fascinating and informative that you wasted the budget of an entire indie film on a shot that you didn't use. Your inability to plan is an inspiration to all filmmakers.
...Well anyways the Primer commentary has none of that. It's all real world problems and extremely clever ways of figuring them out. The guy is sharp.


Okay, I'm suddenly concerned that my blog makes me look like a dickhead because I was just reading this other guy's blog and he came off as a total dickhead. He might be a nice guy in real life, it's just in his blog he chooses to write about things which make him seem petty, callous, and superficial. Probably because those are the things that bother him enough to make him want to write about it. But since I also blog more often when I'm upset then when I'm satisfied about something, I worry there's someone out there who thinks, "who is this guy and does he really think that the dialogue in Ocean's 12 is the biggest problem in the universe?...for the love of..."

ARGH, addendum.

There is also something about human nature that prefers drama to tranquility. No one would actually say this, but it is true. It's an Id thing. People like to start crap. Some people like to fight and make up in endless looping pointlessness, rather than just not fight. People also like to be the victim of the other person's bad behavior. So they can have something to complain about. I know I do.