I like me some Primer.

Got the Primer DVD the other day and have been watching it more or less constantly since. What a great flick.
It's really great to hear a commentary track where the filmmaker talks about things like not having enough money for lights and props and stuff and having to work around it. I hate it when commentary tracks seem to be people showing off how much money they wasted by saying stuff like "well we had a gigantic dolly shot with four banks of pyrotechnics firing against a greenscreen but after we looked at the dailies I decided it Just Didn't Look Right. So we did it this way instead..."
...Yes. Thank you. It's fascinating and informative that you wasted the budget of an entire indie film on a shot that you didn't use. Your inability to plan is an inspiration to all filmmakers.
...Well anyways the Primer commentary has none of that. It's all real world problems and extremely clever ways of figuring them out. The guy is sharp.

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